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Welcome to our story! We couldn't be more happy and grateful that you have found us!

Blue Blossoms opened it`s doors in 2017, but the love story behind started many years before that. 

My mother and greatest partner Ingrid was born in Latvia (former USSR) and grew up in the tiniest apartment, however, she did had 5 sq/ feet big "garden" that she loved very much and thats where her love for Nature began. Myself, her daughter Laura was much luckier to grow up in countryside by the river. It is in our deep traditions to forage wildflowers, make crowns and bouquets to decorate our homes. Our love for Nature, plants, trees, flowers and animals lays deep.


FAST FORWARD to 2016, Ingrid followed across the World to be with her daughter and her grandchildren. She arrived in a country with different culture, traditions, lifestyle, language but she was brave and determined and led by her unconditional love for her family. Laura new there was something very special coming up and one year later as seen in a dream she set up a flower delivery business fulfilling her Mother`s dream to be surrounded with flowers EVERY DAY!


Consciousness and minimizing our waste are our priorities. We reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible. We only buy whats necessary.



Each bouquet is made with care and love and is completely unique. Ingrid being a true artist would adjust the bouquet based on the message that it delivers- Happy, Sad, Nostalgic, Uplifting!! We get to be part of all of it and we love it!

GIVING BACK is important to us. Laura hopes that one day when individual is being asked of their business, one of the first questions will be "Who do YOU support?". We see that the only way for this World to move forward is by contribution to our society and those in need. As a business owners we are HONORED to lead the way and support various Organizations and always seeking for collaborations to either donate proceeds, our time, flowers, expertise and love. 



Weather in Latvia is very challenging especially during winters- they are long and cold. In early Spring the first brave flowers appear- The Glory of the Snow. Those are our Blue Blossoms. Reminding us to never forget how blessed we are and to always remember the childlike happiness to see them for the first time. 

THANK YOU for being here and reading our story. If you feel inspired we would love to hear your Love Story as well.

Love Grows Here,

Laura Goycochea and Ingrida Kraukle




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