At Blue Blossoms our focus is on making unique garden style, whimsical designs for weddings and events of all sizes. Our dedicated team designs and creates every aspect of your florals. We customize your floral plan to fit your unique needs, style and venue, using seasonal and locally sourced flowers and foliage.

We have worked with many lovely clients celebrating their special day in stunning locations across Santa Barbara and Ventura County. To begin your journey with us, simply fill out our online form detailing your preferences and vision.  

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How It Works

  • 1. Getting to Know Your Vision

    Say hello! Send us all the details, as much or as little as you have, on what you are envisioning for your dream wedding florals. We will respond in a timely manner, including a questionnaire if needed, and gather all the important information of what you're envisioning for your special day. 

  • 2. Crafting Your Personalized Proposal

    After chatting and getting to know your vision we will send over a personalized proposal. The proposal will provide a detailed breakdown of specific items, a mood board and pricing based on your needs, wants and budget. Once you book us, we will reserve your date and continue to communicate up until the day of.

  • 3. Creating Your Dream Florals

    The big day is here and you have nothing to worry about! You can relax and enjoy this beautiful day knowing that we have everything taken care of with meticulous detail and utmost care. We will take care of everything so you don't have to worry. Just don't forget take a moment to stop and smell the roses!

Couples Love us On...

  • Wedding Wire

    "Blue Blossoms brought a level of artistry and attention to detail that left me in awe. The centerpieces were breathtaking, with a perfect balance of colors and textures. The bouquets were like something out of a fairytale, exuding elegance and beauty. They truly captured the essence of my vision and added a touch of enchantment to the entire event..."

    - Gabrielle H.

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  • The Knot

    "The flowers themselves exceeded my expectations in all aspects. We ordered my bridal bouquet, a pocket boutonniere for my husband, wrist corsages for our mother's and traditional boutonnieres for our dads, brother-in-law, and nephew. Every single thing was utterly perfect!! My bouquet blew me away and I am so in love with it."

    - Gemma H.

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How soon should I reach out to a wedding florist?

We recommend at least 6 months to a year prior to your wedding date. We have worked with some couples the month of or even week of but to guarantee security and a stress-free planning process, the sooner you reach out the better. For weddings booked 4 weeks or less before the wedding date we charge a rush fee.

What do I need before reaching out to a wedding florist?

Not much! You don't have to have it all figured out because that's what we are here for. We do recommend to have the date and venue or at least general area decided. We then can walk you through the rest and help you find your aesthetic and the vibe you want.

How much do wedding flowers usually cost?

There is a lot of variability when it comes to wedding flower prices. At a minimum, we suggest allocating 10-15% of your total wedding budget to cover your wedding flowers.

If you’re after more ‘wow’ factor and want flowers be a significant component to the day then we would recommend allocating 25-30% of your total budget to flowers.

How do I ensure my wedding flowers stay fresh throughout the day?

We'll take that stress off your chest! We’ll coordinate the delivery of your bouquets in the late morning, ideally right before the photographer arrives.

Our bouquets are professionally packed with a water source so they are hydrated and perky until the moment you walk down the aisle.

Pro tip: It’s best to keep them in a cool, dark place—out of the way of potential heavy foot traffic.

Do I need to know my wedding theme or aesthetic?

Nope, not at all!  We do suggest that you do a little research and spend a few minutes on Pinterest to gather some inspiration photos. This helps you communicate your preferences and vision—just 5 to 10 inspiration photos can point us in the right direction.

Don’t panic though, cause you definitely don’t need to have every detail nailed down. You certainly don’t have to know the names of the flowers (but we are happy to share our flower knowledge with you!). We’ve managed hundreds and hundreds of weddings and know what looks good. We’re always happy to provide suggestions and options to bring your floral vision to life.

How does your wedding florals inquiry process work?

We’re on a mission to make planning your wedding florals easy-peasy.

First things first, when you book with us you get have unlimited communication with our lead coordinator and the rest of our team of floral artists. We are here to help you feel confident about your budget and getting the best bang for your buck.

Once you submit an inquiry, we’ll confirm our availability. From there, we’ll send you an online questionnaire—this gives you a chance to tell us about you and your fiance, what matters to you most and what you're envisioning for your special day.

We’ll send over a customized proposal, moodboard, and recommendations on how to maximize your budget.

To book our team, all we need is a 25% non-refundable deposit. We’ll get together (in person, via Zoom, or on the phone) 3 months and 1 month prior to the big day and we can sort through all the final details.

Final payment is due 1 month out from your wedding day.

What factors influence the cost of wedding flowers?

The three main factors contributing to the cost of your wedding flowers comes down to seasonality, complexity, and selection.

  1. Seasonal Availability: Opting for flowers in season can significantly impact cost and ensure freshness. If you're dreaming of tulips for your winter wedding, you will have to pay extra.
  2. Arrangement Complexity: Elaborate designs and intricate arrangements may lead to additional costs.
  3. Flower Selection: Different blooms come with different price tags, so your choice of flowers plays a key role. Delicate flowers like orchids and peonies will cost you three to four times as much as daisies and carnations.
How do I save on my wedding flowers?
  1. Choose Cost-Effective Flowers: Select blooms that align with your vision and wallet. Roses, carnations, and baby’s breath can be beautiful and affordable.
  2. Repurpose Ceremony Flowers: If possible, repurpose ceremony flowers for the reception to maximize their use.
  3. Opt for Seasonal Blooms: Embrace the beauty of what’s in season. It not only enhances freshness but can also be more budget-friendly.
  4. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity: Focus on flower arrangements that will make the most impact throughout your wedding. Some couples opt to leave out bridesmaid bouquets because they serve only one purpose during the ceremony.