“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.” — Jackie Mutcheson


As soon as our company was established in 2017, the question arose "How we will help?". 

We came up with very simple, yet unique idea- to create mini fresh flower bouquets and give them away in hopes to spread love and kindness. 

For the first time in our lives we truly felt how we can make a difference. Our hope is, that in near future, when asked about our businesses, a core question will be: "What is your contribution? What issues you care about?". Wouldn't this World be a much better place? Especially in these times, when more and more women are stepping up and contributing to the business world, our hope is that our nurturing nature and care for world and others will blossom. 

We didn't anticipate how much change we will make with this simple idea. Over the years, our flowers have travelled near and far, they have been to celebrations and brightened up days of sorrow. They have helped in healing and reuniting. They have helped in proposals and births. 

We often say "Time is precious". This is precisely why we invest our time and energy in this project. We believe that our time and effort translates into love and love multiplies. The ripple effect of a simple act of kindness is immeasurable. We believe that the most valuable human quality is selfless care for others.

Over the years, we have given away more than 10k of the small bouquets. All made by our family and friends.

Would you like to be part of this?

Join us in our studio at 5878 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA every Thursday at 6pm. 

Sign up is necessary as space is limited. 

PM for more details.

Can`t join personally? You can become our flower ambassador by donating for this project and receiving one free flower delivery from us to express our gratitude.

Minimum donation $100

PM for more details.





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