Stress Relief - Crystal Candle

Stress Relief - Crystal Candle

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Stress Relief 8oz Soy Candle with healing crystals is lovingly handmade by New Moon Beginnings. Lavender is often associated with love, calmness, and peace. Burning our lavender scented Stress Relief Candle during meditation can help you to relax, open your mind, and free yourself. Lavender is also a very protection herb that helps to ward off negative energies. The Stress Relief Candle has a  scent with  healing crystals on top. Handmade and Hand-poured with Soy Wax for a Long, Clean Burn!

Scent Notes: Herbal, Cool, and Fresh

Crystals: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz

Intention: Stress Relief • Love • Protection



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