Full Flower Crown

10 stems + greenery
20 stems + greenery

Elevate your look with the Full Flower Crown—where nature's ethereal beauty becomes a part of you. Adorned with an array of delicate blooms in varying sizes, the Full Flower Crown captures the essence of a blooming meadow. Each flower is carefully selected and arranged to evoke a sense of whimsy and grace.

This Full Flower Crown is a popular choice for brides and bachelorette parties, but is versatile enough to wear for graduations, garden parties, or even music festivals.

If you would like to customize your crown (does not include specific flower requests), please email us at and let us know what color scheme or theme you would like so we can align the design perfectly with your vision.

Must be ordered at least one week in advance. The delivery fee in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria, Summerland and Goleta is $12. ONLY LOCAL DELIVERY. NO SHIPPING.

* We promise the "feel" and style of the pictured bouquet but actual flowers will vary from picture

* If you DO NOT wish a specific flower please notify us immediately via e-mail and we will work with your order to avoid unwanted flower options

* Picture shows the approximate size of the flower crown

* Specific flowers and color scheme varies each day as we use ONLY local and seasonal flowers



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